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Introducing the crew

We are you and you are us. Milkscope is an online community of GOAL-diggers who believe in sharing knowledge. Meet our team below: 

Ugonna Nwabueze
Founder/ Milkscope Coach

Ugonna Nwabueze is a creative entrepreneur, Princeton Alumna, and USC School of Cinematic Arts Master's Candidate in Film & TV Production. She founded her first company at 19. Interested in the intersection of Tech and Art, she balances her life as an entrepreneur, and Film/TV/Gaming producer with her work as an in-demand digital marketing consultant for start-ups having accrued marketing experience in several industries (media, government, tech, travel, retail). 

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Milkscope Coach 

Fatima graduated from Columbia University in 2015 where she studied Chemistry and Hispanic Studies. As an undergraduate, she was pre-med but decided to forgo direct entry into medical school to explore her interest in the intersection of technology, innovation, and health care. After graduating, she worked as a Life Sciences analyst in the consulting practice of a technology company for over two years before moving into the startup space. She has worked with several startups in diverse industries including the disruptive fashion brand, Everlane. Currently, she is an Academic Projects Coordinator for the Chair of the OB/GYN department at New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center and continues to work with Everlane and a pharma startup Penguin Pay. Through the ups and downs of post grad life, Fatima developed a passion for peak performance, stoicism, mindwork, and financial literacy which she credits for keeping her sane. She hopes to share her passion for innovation, her nontraditional journey to medical school, and her love for continuous optimization of all aspects of life with the Milkscope community as a coach. Whether it is in your day to day life or your career or your business, there is always room for growth, so let's grow together! 

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Milkscope Coach 

Brandon McGhee is a Search Ads Solutions Consultant at Google. At Google, in addition to focusing on his core role, Brandon has taken on additional opportunities to lead various diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives throughout the office. Brandon graduated from Princeton in June 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Politics with a certificate in African American Studies. During his time at Princeton, Brandon was the Senior Class President, a Residential Advisor, involved in the acapella community and with a plethora of other student-led initiatives. Brandon received The W. Sanderson Detwiler 1903 Prize, which is given to a senior who, in the judgment of the student’s classmates, has done the most for the class. Brandon is a 2013 recipient of the Princeton Prize in Race Relations. Brandon is excited to serve as a coach for Milkscope as he’d like to empower young people to chase after their goals and overcome obstacles that they may face. 

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Candace Boahene is a proud Ghanaian American, jollof connoisseur, and full-time artist. Her passion for the arts started at a very young age. To this day, she is madly in love with all aspects of the arts (from singing, acting, dancing, songwriting, poetry, drawing; just to name a few). She utilizes her artistic platform to create space for the underrepresented and the disenfranchised especially from the African Diaspora, by spotlighting their stories and experiences in the public sphere. Candace recently graduated from Columbia University with a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre in 2019. She has worked in various industries from fashion, entertainment, communications, journalism, hospitality, sports, promotions, business, food service, office administration, and not for profit. With experience working for top tier organizations such as Walt Disney World, Marriott, Columbus Blue Jackets, The Ohio State University at Marion, and Columbia University, she believes in personally investing in people. Candace enjoys fostering relationships and building lifelong connections with people. Candace also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Michigan State University. Her background consists of customer service, client support and follow up, social media outreach, social media management, data analysis, marketing, mentorship, writing, and public relations. As a Editor-In-Chief, she uses her platform to spark progressive discussions on current events and societal conundrums with our Milkscope community and beyond. Her mission is to assist our community with all their needs and incorporating diversity, inclusion, and sensitivity into all editorial content. She is beyond stoked to be a part of this innovative and creative team!

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Milkscope Writer 

Reagan S. Williams is a Manager, Recruiting and Admissions at Per Scholas, which provides tuition-free training for tech training remotely and nationally across the country. Reagan has held a variety of managerial positions in workforce development in the past 15 years working with adults and youth in Philadelphia.  Originally from northwestern Pennsylvania, 15 minutes away from the Ohio border. Reagan graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in communications media, certificates in history and journalism, and public relations. Reagan’s master’s degree is in Adult and Community Education with a concentration in Communications Technology and she is certified in PK- 12 as an Instructional Technology Specialist.  Currently, she is finishing her doctoral degree in Business Administration in early 2021 at William Howard Taft University.  Reagan is excited to lend her voice, knowledge, and adventures and sometimes misadventures in life and work to Milkscope. One day she hopes to own her parking lot empire to be a successful entrepreneur. Finally, Reagan hopes that as a blogger at Milkscope this can empower people to be lifelong learners to thrive personally and professionally. Reagan lives by this quote, “Don’t give up; Don’t ever give up,” ~ Jimmy Valvano. 

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I am a recent college graduate with a Master’s of Fine Arts in creative writing with a specialization in creative nonfiction. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in communication studies. They say knowledge is power, I say applied knowledge is power. To live is to live your dreams. Otherwise, you're living in someone else’s dream of living a nightmare. We serve many purposes in life and missions are short-term victories. However, passion is a never-ending endeavor that you do regardless of what goals you accomplish. So with that being said, my passion is lifelong learning. I like to learn about new things and understand different perspectives and evolve into a better individual and gain a better understanding of myself and life. That is why I got into journalism and communications. I am the mediator between the reader and the information that advocates for the truth. I dedicate my life to empower people through my writing. I write about useful information that people can use to bring them to the next level. So I care about improving myself and people to be better in all aspects of life by sharing a useful information to evolve. My passion is learning something new every day and becoming better. Lifelong learning. I admitted to myself that I would dedicate myself to learn new things and learn about different perspectives about life if I lived an immortal life. However, I am passionate about empowering myself and others with useful information that they can make them better in any aspect.

Milkscope Writer

Milkscope Writer

Britta Kuhn grew up in a tiny town in North Dakota that no one has ever heard of. She spent most of her childhood reading and fantasizing about other worlds, both real and imagined. Now she’s an actor in New York City, one of the greatest cities in the world. Throughout this pandemic, she has found a little more peace with herself and is working to realign her goals and creative pursuits. 

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Milkscope Writer

First off hello! It’s so nice to meet you in this digital space. I am Lauren McMichael, and I have a Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Studies. What is that you may ask? Well, it’s a neat combination degree, that I was allowed to study at the University of North Texas. I had so many interests and didn’t want to focus on just one major so, I am now trained in Theatre, Media Arts (or Radio, Television, Film some places call it), and Marketing. I have been interested in videography, photography, and social media for about 15 years now. I was always the friend getting people together to create silly skits for YouTube, “artsy” photos to post, or create to have a good time. I fell in love interacting with unique and imaginative people which brought me to reach out to others and make solid connections all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Unfortunately, 2020 has put such a damper on that growth, and many collaborations and ideas I had planned were on hold, however, things are turning a new leaf! My life has been re-energized (almost forcefully) and I have found new inspiration in the darkest of times. I hope to reach others with my work and inspire them to do the same, but also express my personality and tell stories that invigorate a sense of community, love, and drive to achieve what living in this world really means. At the end of the day, there is nothing more influential than heartfelt connections and a collective spirit of hope.

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