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Young people are having strokes from Coronavirus

Healthy, 20 year old's lung after battling with coronavirus

"Am I trying to get the virus? No. But I have no problem heading to a bar. I'm young, and not in the demographic where things get scary anyway."- Milkmate

On June 11th, the New York Times published a harrowing story: a young woman in her 20s, perfectly healthy, now required a double lung transplant after battling with Covid 19.

This was a compete departure from the narrative that the media has been telling us about Covid 19: that if you are young and healthy you aren't an at-risk group. However, the thing to remember about a novel virus is that it is in fact new. This means that there is no telling how your specific body will react to a virus that it has never encountered before, whether you are old or young. Whether you are at-risk or not. Encountering the virus, given that fact, should be just as worrisome for everyone.

When members of the Lyster family contracted the virus, they feared for their older parents. Instead it was their 21 year old son, Cody Lyster, perfectly healthy, who sadly lost his battle with Coronavirus Valeria Viveros, a 21-year-old nursing assistant would also lose her life to COVID 19. After praying over his father's deceased body, 23 year old Miguel Moran would died from complications of the coronavirus, 8 days after his father. Covid 19 brought Jack Allard, a healthy athletic lacrosse player to his knees.

Stories have also emerged from young people who have survived the virus about its long lasting effects. No, they didn't die, but three months later they are still winded going up one flight of stairs, they still can't taste or smell their food, they are still battling the mental anguish that getting this virus brought on. Doctors have cited long term damage to the heart and lungs. If you didn't have a pre-existing condition before contracting this virus, you may have some after.

Some asymptomatic young people, have dropped dead from spontaneous strokes and heart attacks, bewildering doctors.

Even with these details emerging, the United States leads the world with the highest number of young people becoming infected. The media still pushes the narrative that young, healthy people should only fear the virus because of what it will do to others and not their own bodies. States continue to reopen bars and beaches and loosen restrictions.

Yes, young people, we may feel invincible, but Covid 19 is teaching us that we're not.


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