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To Be Vegan or Not To Be Vegan

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

By Ashley Williams

Maybe it is a new diet trend or a new way of life. Due to religious practices or health issues, this lifestyle is taking over the country. Also, this lifestyle is practiced in other countries as a normal way of life. For other reasons as well, this lifestyle is important for the value of our planet, Earth. Yes, you guessed right. (No, it’s not free ice cream every day from every ice cream parlor.) The practice of veganism is sweeping the world and has been popular for years. Veganism is the practice of eliminating animal products through food and through everyday habits. Vegan deems to be a popular trend and a way of life, but is it safe? What are the concerns of becoming vegan?

Veganism is a positive lifestyle with great benefits for many people. Just imagine your blood sugar levels coming down, and your energy levels are through the roof. The excess weight that you want to disappear is finally leaving after staying on for too long. Just imagine the amount of nutrients you are gaining while practicing veganism. Being vegan in your diet has been found to help with certain cancers and even de-elevate hypertension as well. Of course, being vegan can cure many diseases and illnesses, but let’s also talk about how it positively affects nature.

Let’s say the whole world goes vegan; this means the water resource will increase greatly. Without eating meat, we can help save environmental pollution that is contributed by animal waste, hormones, pesticides, and other harmful toxins that go into the reservoir. Fields for the grazing animals will be preserved and there will be more land for the animals rumored for extinction. The world will be saved, our air will be cleaner, cuddly animals that we love will be saved, and we can fit into our favorite jeans that we’ve had since highschool.

If we get all these positive benefits, why are some people opposed to going vegan?

Being vegan has reported a lack of gaining all the important nutrients you need to function. For example, the lack of omega-3 fatty acids (which are found in fish and fish oil pills) could eventually cause depression. Many of the nutrients that you are not gaining from going vegan has to be taken in the form of a pill. Examples of these pills are B12, omega-3s, and iron pills. Articles have shown where individuals have gotten terminally ill due to heavy consumption of carbohydrates and too much soy. Eating too much soy, as a matter of fact, causes hormone disruptions.

When the need of vegetables are at an all time high, there becomes a lack of resources and land to plant crops. The water supply that we could be saving by going vegan has to be used heavily to water the plants. Our cuddly animals that we all love will have to eventually rent a room with us because all of our land will be used for plants. Soon, factories will have to make factory avocado to help provide for the vegans.

So here is the question: To be vegan or not to be vegan?

The answer is: Just do what you want and be safe doing it.

No, you are not obligated to be vegan just like you are not obligated to eat fried chicken every thirty minutes. You are obligated to take care of your body because it is the only body that you have until you die. Helping the Earth is important, so recycle your plastic and paper, do not litter, and cook most of your meals at home. If you want to be healthy on the other hand, eat your lean meats such as chicken or fish. Get your five to six servings of vegetables and occasionally, have a huge ice cream sundae!

If you love the benefits of being vegan, then continue on the path you enjoy. No one should change your mind about how you live your healthy lifestyle.

Just be happy and healthy, vegan or not.

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