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Self-Love = Skincare for Self-care

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

by Reagan Williams

We are all busy in our personal and professional lives, but when do you stop and just indulge in yourself? How does one take time out of their day as doers or professionals to focus solely on themselves and their self-care? According to Statista, in the last three months of 2020, 1.68 million Americans spent $500 or more on skincare products. Despite what’s going on in our world with the pandemic and politics, people are realizing the value of “self-love” and finding ways to create their own self-care regimen.

Let’s face it, your skin changes over time as you age. Suddenly, you look in the mirror one day and notice your skin isn’t as plump as it used to be. Maybe you start to see fine lines forming and your skin getting dry. Then, your inner voice kicks in, “ Could it be that adulting is the reason why I’m aging faster than I expected? “It’s only been a few years since I graduated from high school and/or college yet I don’t recognize myself.”

How can we aim for healthier skin during our aging process? What factors can prevent us from retaining elasticity in our skin? According to the National Institute of Aging, there are a few factors that negatively impact our skin, (i.e. excessive tanning, stress) which causes dry and itchy skin. When it comes to our skincare, we have habits that we need to stop and think about in our overall self-care. Do I drink enough liquids? Am I spending too much time in the sun? What is my air quality like? Is smoking causing problems with my skin? Finally, am I stressed? If you answered yes to these questions, reflect on what you can do to enhance your self-care.

You are the commander of your “self-care ship.” Now is the time to invest in yourself and body. Moving forward, start to customize a skincare plan to make sure you are well taken care of as you age into your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Everyone has different skin textures, tones, and types. Ask yourself, “what are your skincare goals and concerns: now and into the future.” If you’re stuck, there are a wide array of resources to choose from: follow a skincare online community of skincare writers, research self-care routines from health and wellness sites such as Healthline, or read magazines known for beauty, hair and make-up (Allure, Elle, and Essence). If you don’t know where to begin, start off with a quiz to discover what products work best for you.

No matter what you pick, or what your skincare routine is, remember, this is one example of how to incorporate self-care in a deliberate manner just for YOU.

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