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Self-care: Our Skincare Journey

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

by Reagan Williams

Let’s rewind to life before the pandemic, where “maskne” or the “Zoom Effect” wasn’t even part of our vernacular or culture. No one could have imagined that our 2021 self-care regimen for our skin would involve maskne treatments from wearing masks throughout the pandemic and lower face treatments to tighten our skin from the imperfections we see in ourselves on Zoom. There are so many products, tips and trends out there, which can make it difficult to know where to begin.

First, what are some common factors to look for in the best skincare products? According to The Derm Review, they reviewed a variety of products found in different places ranging from drugstores to department stores. The common ingredients discovered in these products include: hyaluronic acid, peptides that help with collagen production, and botanical extracts that contain licorice and turmeric to brighten the skin. However, you must research the best skincare products that address your skincare needs. For example, some people have issues related to their pores or hyperpigmentation, while others are concerned about anti-aging. Once you have a good assessment of your skin, you can decide what products are right for you. In September 2020, Allure identified over 40 top skincare products that accommodated several budgets to support your self-care regimen.

Moreover, what if I want to take care of my skin, but I’m not into using chemicals? What are some beauty options for someone like me? There are growing trends and concerns around “clean beauty” and sustainability. People are asking for more transparency in terms of ingredients and sourcing, including the missions of the companies we are purchasing our products from. Similarly, in terms of sustainability there is more focus amongst companies on packaging and companies reducing their carbon footprint in light of global warming. An example of a company that is doing this is Credo. Their mission is to change the beauty industry. Credo adopted a Clean Credo Standard that avoids over 2,700 ingredients dubbed on their The Dirty List. Almost half of the products on the list are banned in European countries. The uniqueness of Credo and the “clean beauty” trend is their product partners do not use harmful ingredients as well. Despite your lifestyle and budget, whether big or small, we all need to take care of the skin we're in. Always continue on your self-care journey and keep exploring options to invest in you.

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