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MILKSCOPE: Allow us to re-introduce ourselves

By Ugonna Nwabueze, Founder

Every stage in our lives demands a different version of ourselves: perhaps one that is wiser, more daring, perhaps even bigger and stronger than we ever envisioned ourselves to be. For us, the Milkscope Team, this is one of those stages.

Happy Relaunch day! Formerly known as Entrepreneur Milk, we’ve undergone a name change and we did it for a number of great reasons:

1. As our ambitious community continued to expand and explode globally, we realized our members came from all walks of life with different ambitions and dreams. That is to say, they weren’t all trying to be entrepreneurs. So to reflect the eclectic and diverse nature of our vibrant community, we wanted a name that emphasized the scope of who we are...of who you are, because that is our power.

2. We are branching out. The content and initiatives we are rolling out in the next few weeks and months are so exciting, and fresh. They also are not soley about entrepreneurship. Milkscope gives us the freedom to create as we see fit and give you all the most useful content to elevate your lives.

3. Let’s be real, it’s a great name ;) It's short, sweet and unique. It also keeps elements of our original name, Entrepreneur Milk: we are very nostalgic people over here.

Watch our relaunch video to get you even more pumped about the coming months and before I forget: WELCOME TO THE MILKSCOPE FAMILY!!!

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