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Dating: In Real Life (IRL)

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

by Reagan Williams

(Source: Pexels)

Can seven questions sum up what type of dater you are? Do you even like to date? What is your dating personality? Since the pandemic the answers to these questions might have changed for you- your approach, options and your dating personality. In fact, there are a lot of options for dating online, but what do you do when you are ready to transition to IRL (In Real Life)? Dating during the pandemic has impacted people’s choices, independence and how to even approach dating while leaving some fulfilled, yet others with loneliness.

Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have different features to make people feel connected globally. Bumble has filters that someone can select how they want to date whether: virtually or socially distancing with masks. However, how does one pivot to IRL dating without risks? Currently, if you’re considering dating in person, you must practice safety precautions while meeting up and if the person is worth the risk in our COVID-19 climate. Prior to COVID-19, it was normal to meet up for lots of dates in public. Now, the pandemic has created another layer outside of attraction, chemistry and common interests to take into consideration. Some things to look at immediately are asking someone about their recent travels, socialization, daily activities and back to the original question: what is their dating personality?

Despite the challenges of IRL dating, people have established relationships, fallen in love and even gotten married in the pandemic. Part of the human phenomenon is companionship and partnership no matter what age or stage you are in life. According to Psychology Today, there are some things that a person can do for themselves while dating in the midst of a pandemic. One suggestion is to enlist your friends to help you. Communicate with your friends on what type of relationship you are looking for, your likes and dislikes in a partner for them to find specific people that might be a possible match for you. Do you know what you want? The pandemic known as “The Great Pause,” has allowed people to slow down and take stock of what is most important in their lives. It is associated with the impact on commerce, government and society. Have you thought about reconnecting

with someone from your past? Maybe it didn’t work out the first time, but is there a possibility for reconciliation? Most importantly, do not forget about you-- it’s important to ‘fall in your love with yourself.’ A person can make peace with themselves and show those around them their self-worth. You can radiate this sentiment to the people around you which makes you attractive to others.

(Source: Pexels)

Presently, the pandemic and social distancing has redirected people to focus on what they truly desire from someone. Before you meet with someone in IRL you can establish standards to meet one another. Another thing you can do is ask questions maybe more than you normally would and express interest in what they’re saying. If you ask questions from the onset, this can save you time before you decide whether or not to meet in person. Personally, dating is an interview process with asking a lot of direct questions to see if I’ve found the right person. With that being said, it’s all right to establish a ‘contract’ before you meet in person. A person should establish some ground rules around a safe meeting place, maintaining social distancing, ensuring that people are symptoms free and if you should get tested before meeting. Dating is part of life and it has changed. It doesn’t mean you can’t find love or someone you click with, it means now you have to adapt and make changes transitioning into IRL dating.

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