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How Governor Newsom, fooled California into believing he cared.

On Wednesday, June 24th, California Governor Gavin Newsom reiterated that the state would continue Phase 3 of it’s reopening. “ Wear a face covering”, “wash your hands,” and “social distance,” he told the thousands of viewers who tuned in to see what the Sunny State's leader would do. If some expected him to pause the state's reopenings, (believing that if conservative leaders of Texas and Florida, of all places, would anger their mask-averse base by making that very decision), of course a liberal governor of the state with the highest number of cases in the nation would do the same. Of course a governor well aware of the 69% spike of cases in just two days would do something? Certainly record breaking highs, including 7,149 new cases in one day should result in some life saving action? Right? 

“We don’t intend to that,'' Newsom stated. Although horrifying, Newsom’s decision to neither revert back to restrictions or at the very least pause the reopening should not at all be shocking. Despite his anecdotes, and “relatable” personal stories about being a family man, Governor Newsom, has time and time again shown that he will always protect the interest of his wealthy donors over the everyday people who voted him into office. 

Of course a Governor, who’s political career was launched by the billionaire businessman Gordon Getty and 7 other wealthy families, and sustained by corporate donors such as PG& E (Newsom and his family accepted over $700,000 from them) would not pause the economic reopening. After raising 26 million for Covid relief from corporations like Mckinsey & Company, Facebook, Google, IHeartMedia, Fox and Clear Channel, Governor Newsom must repay his debt to these corporations. These corporations donated to gain influence in the state of California, and they have successfully influenced Governor Newsom to choose capitalism over lives: these corporations cannot not survive another economic dip/lockdown. So Governor Newsom must reopen. 

Governor Newsom is re-opening up California, to speed an economic recovery that won't benefit poor people or the middle class because they will get sick. By simply stepping outside the average resident of Los Angeles will encounter multiple infectious people. Governor Newsom knows this. He stated at his Thursday press conference: "Look at these numbers, and ask yourself, do you feel safer going out today than you did a few months ago, based upon an unprecedented number of people now that are walking around with this virus, and the likelihood so many of them are asymptomatic, and are within just a few feet of where you are?" 

Newsom doesn't care that once jobs re-open, employers are demanding that employees, whether at risk or not, return to work. Newsom doesn't care that social distancing is nearly impossible in the streets of Downtown, on the buses that essential workers use to get to work, on the sidewalk where people who don't have the luxury of a backyard wait for fresh air and sunlight. Poor and middle class people will lose their parents, their grandparents, their siblings and children.

Newsom is smart. He knows the ramifications of opening up California right now: that the poor and middle class will die for it. He just doesn't care. He will not upset his base: the wealthy because after all it is among them he feels right at home.

So everyday Californians, protect yourselves, do your best to stay safe and keep your families healthy. Know that your Governor and the rest of California’s leaders have abandoned you. But hold onto your anger, so that the next time we rally united by mutual pain, and suffering and memories of preventable deaths, shouting “eat the rich,” Governor Newsom is at the top of the list. 

To ask Newsom why he is re-opening you can contact his office here

Also, sign the petition to #shutdowncalifornia

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