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Healthy Habits of Entrepreneurs

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

By Ashley Williams

Making loads of money, buying Lamborghinis every month, purchasing mansions as big as Texas and never working a day of your life is the easy life of entrepreneurship. I mean, one day you wake up and decide to start selling shirts and then BOOM! You are rich and you are an overnight success. Forbes magazine is calling for your advice, Bill Gates wants to have lunch with you, and Warren Buffet is eating out of the palm of your hands. Yes, this is entrepreneurship.

Obviously, if you are dreaming right now, wake up.

Besides the great benefits of entrepreneurship (the benefits I listed varies on the person and situation), what are you made of? I am not talking about anatomy but the mentality you have to lead a life of entrepreneurship. I am talking about the habits that are practiced every single day without missing a beat. Whether yoga is being done or if jogging is a number one priority, there are definitely healthy habits entrepreneurs practice for the sake of their wellbeing and focus. Exercising deems to be a top habit and also a priority amongst successful entrepreneurs. While you are exercising, you are getting oxygen and nutrients in your body. Endorphins are released in the brain and we start to feel excited and adrenaline starts to kick in. The more exercise that is done as a routine, the more focused you will be in the mornings for a coordinated day. As a blogger, I have made incredible blogs by exercising in the morning versus exercising at night.

Eating clean for entrepreneurs makes the biggest impact on their life. “When you eat better, you feel better.” When sugar and processed foods are eliminated, toxins disappear and thus, your brain transports signals much better. Organic fruits and vegetables that are consumed more often helps with a healthy gut and better focus as well. By eating healthy foods, entrepreneurs are able to look better and think better; eating healthy for entrepreneurs also helps with discipline. The common mentality of an entrepreneur is to always treat themselves well with self-respect and compassion by what they consume. The responsibility of feeding their body with healthy foods only fuels their drive even more.

Healthy habits of an entrepreneur does not stop at the basic activities of eating healthy and exercising but they also practice healthy mental habits. By practicing healthy mental habits, they are able to put their goals into perspective and lead a more positive lifestyle. Here a few mental of many healthy mental habits that entrepreneurs practice:

  1. Practicing gratitude

  2. Planning the day ahead

  3. Accepting the past and moving on

  4. Getting out of the comfort zone

  5. Accepting responsibility for mistakes

By practicing gratitude, you are able to have a heart of sincerity and a heart of thankfulness. You look at your life in a better light when you are able to be happy about the small things instead of complain. As you are expressing gratitude, you are able to plan the day you have to stay on task. For an extreme organizer, having a planner to write in each day will help your plans to become prioritized. Having the ability to accept the past and move on helps when you are planning your day. (I am a witness to this.) You cannot change what happened in the past but you are able to get a handle on today and the future. Being an entrepreneur of acceptance helps you to make better decisions. With having a mind to accept, you can easily accept getting out of your comfort zone and shooting towards bigger and better goals. You aren’t able to grow and learn without getting out of your comfortable bird nest of life. When an entrepreneur accepts learning and growth, mistakes happen. When mistakes happen, they are able to accept the failures that come with the trials of success. Without failures, there is no success.

Learning to be responsible for mistakes and failures will help you to never blame anyone and play a victim of life.

As future entrepreneurs or current entrepreneurs, the importance of obtaining these habits will determine success in our endeavors and our bodies. Even if being an entrepreneur is not fitting for some, practice these habits for the sake of a healthy mind, healthy body, and a positive life.

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