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By Milkscope

With a pandemic spreading around the world, now is a great time to start thinking about nutrition and more specifically how to boost your immune system.

Here are foods that if you don’t already consume, in the wake of corona, you probably should:

1. Ginger- This super ingredient truly doesn't get enough credit. Ginger, which contains gingerol, can help reduce sore throat, decrease inflammation and decrease nausea. Pro Tip: Make some ginger tea with honey, and lemon- GAME CHANGER.

2. Spinach-  Your mom was right to force you to eat this! Spinach boosts your immune system's ability to fight infections: not only does spinach contain Vitamin C but it's also packed with antioxidants and Beta Carotene.

3. Citrus fruits- A cup a day keeps the virus away? Vitamin C is well known to be an immune system booster, and this contains a lot of it.

4. Red bell peppers: Here's a fun fact! Did you know that one ounce of this superfood actually contains double the amount of Vitamin C in citrus fruits? And they’re also a rich source of beta carotene.

5. Poultry- Poultry helps improve cold symptoms. Why? It’s high in vitamin B-6! Fry up some chicken (well maybe don’t fry it lol)!

6. Yogurt- Creamy and an immune booster? Rich in Vitamin D,  yogurt can stimulate the immune system. But try and go for plain yogurt, if you can.

7. Almonds- We’ve been talking about Vitamin C, BUT Vitamin E is pretty great too for the immune system.  So snack on almonds (if you are not allergic).

8. Turmeric- Spice up your food with this! Its great as an anti-inflammatory for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


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