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Are You Sluggish? These 5 Reasons Why Could Shock You

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

By Ashley Williams

If you find yourself having to drink your third cup of coffee before lunch every day, then this informative blog could be for you. If you set your alarm to get eight hours of sleep and you wake up fatigued and wanting to sleep for the next few days, this blog may be for you. Many people go through the never-ending cycle of feeling fatigue and being sluggish. One may ask how these issues arise while one might see it as a normal thing. For many, caffeine is the source of their solutions because of the temporary burst of energy! But only for the moment. For others, sleeping at the desk every day is the only way to go. Individuals may solve their sluggish ways differently but the question still stands: Why am I sluggish? Could it be the lack of sleep? Do I need a new mattress? These five reasons could change the way think about being sluggish.


The whole “Netflix and chill” tactic may not work if you are sluggish all the time. START MOVING! Exercising helps to boost energy levels and helps to improve your mood. By working out or just simply going for a walk, your energy levels will shoot through the roof! See, serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine are released when you exercise so just look for your mood to increase drastically.


If you are only drinking coffee and Cherry Coca-Cola, then you may be in some trouble with how your sluggishness (if that is a word).Without proper hydration of our dear friend, H2O, you are prone to extreme tiredness. To take it a step further, you will also feel lethargic and not focused on any activities. Since your body is made up of more than 50% of water, replenishing what your body already has will only add better functionality and energy. So, start drinking water like


This should not be surprising but I will try to blow your mind anyway. Cookies, donuts, candy, chips, other sugar snacks and mostly dead foods made from factories. And no, this isn’t an excerpt from “What The Health?” Most likely, chemicals and other unhealthy factors consume the tasty snacks we love today. With these chemicals in your system, your energy and functionality starts to decline over time; especially if you consume too much of it. Start to eat more foods that comes from the living soil such as apples, bananas, oranges, leafy vegetables, and more plant-based foods.


Many people deal with the struggles of low iron and they have no clue why. Anemia is deficiency disorder when the blood is not able to move oxygen around the body. When you are anemic, you become very tired and sluggish because your organs are not receiving the proper flow of oxygen.Thus, anemic individuals are sluggish and in many cases, in pain. To treat anemia, you can take iron pills prescribed by your doctor. Another way you can fix anemia is to also reverse the disorder by eating foods that are extremely high in iron. Lentil, fish, and spinach are just a few foods that can help with anemia.


Have you ever eaten a bigger portion of food and you became sluggish afterwards? And I am not talking about postprandial somnolence, which stems from poor digestion and poor sleep patterns. I am talking about the big Thanksgiving plate that you engorge all at once without listening to your stomach. Now, this is something people don’t talk about but being too full is miserable. Being too full is not a disorder but it does cause you to be sluggish. To avoid these occasional mishaps, portion your food. Even when you are eating fast food or sweets, eat the recommended amount to avoid this common issue.

Hopefully these five reasons will help you to understand that being sluggish does not mean you did not get enough sleep. The obvious reasons for sluggishness could also come from an unhealthy gut as well. Remember to eat plenty of healthy foods, drink lots of water, and stay active for better energy and better health.

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