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A letter from our Founder, Ugonna Nwabueze

Dearest Friends,

In 50 years, your children and grandchildren will ask you what you did during such a painful time in American history. They will ask you what you did as you watched, whether up close or through screens, as Black people were executed in the streets for the color of their skin. You should have an answer that you will be proud of.  Over this past week, we watched our Milkmates, from our Founder, to our Editor-in-Chief, to our brave community members, risk a global pandemic to march for a better future for little Black kids everywhere. We have also watched you. We’ve watched you share resources online, donate money to the cause, confront the bigotry of those around you, and separate from family members and friends whose values are not in alignment with human decency. We stand with you. We are proud of you. Please continue to do the good work for as long as it takes. We know that activism looks different for everyone but that is never a reason for complacency. Call up your local government. Vote. Organize. Mobilize. Donate money to the fight and its fighters. Those of the future are relying on you to step do what needs to be done. To make sure that the world that they are born into and growing up in, is a lot safer, a lot warmer and a whole lot brighter than the one we know today.

Stay safe, Milkmates, and stay in fire. Sincerely, Ugonna Nwabueze, Founder &  The Milkscope Team


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