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9 Ways to Spend the Holidays Alone

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

By Nkem Okorie

It’s the holiday season and during this time of the year, you’re supposed to be with your family and friends. However, for some people, it means feeling lonely and that sometimes can lead to feeling depressed. You should be able to celebrate this holiday season even if you are by yourself. No matter the circumstances, if you are spending this holiday season alone, here are 9 ways on how to make it more enjoyable.

1. Holiday Movie Marathon

From 'A Christmas Story' to 'Home Alone', watching Christmas movies will get anyone into the holiday mood. Make some hot chocolate, bake some cookies, and enjoy the night in.

2. Take Yourself Out

Get all dressed up and take yourself out for some Christmas fun. Go ice skating, or a restaurant for some Christmas dinner, make some new friends, go to the bar (drink responsibly), or dance the night away-the list is endless!

3. Give Yourself A Gift

If you saw anything that was simply perfect for you that you just wanted to buy, now is the time! Also, giving gifts to yourself is a wonderful way to show yourself some appreciation.

4. Volunteer

There's always someone who may be going through a tougher time than you. By volunteering, you’ll be giving back to those who need help in your community and maybe make some new friends.

5. Work

If your job is open on Christmas, you might as well go to work. You won’t feel as alone since you’ll be with your coworkers and maybe your job can have a Christmas potluck!

6. Self-Care

Time for some comfort and joy! Enjoy your time alone by practicing self care. Read a new book, paint, listen to a podcast or music, do something that you like. Make this holiday season a time to relax.

7. Initiate a Social Gathering

Don’t wait to be invited to holiday parties, create a holiday event and invite your friends and family!

8. Church

He’s the reason for the season. Even if you're not very religious, going to a church during Christmas will allow you to learn more about the birth of Jesus Christ and the history of Christmas.

9. Decorate a Tree

Nothing says holiday season more than a decorated Christmas tree. Find the best tree and decorate it with lots of lights, ornaments, and holiday spirit.

Happy Holidays!

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