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8 Tips to improve your Communication Skills

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Ever reflected on a conversation knowing it could have gone better? Us too! Here are some tips for the next time around:

1. Breathe. Count to ten in highly emotional situations. If it is an email correspondence: wait until the next day to respond when your mind is clear.

2. Listen more. Communication is not about talking: Develop your art of listening.

3. Avoid filler words like 'Um,' 'Ah,' 'Ya know.' These are crutch words and unnecessary.

4. While talking, don't get distracted by your phone. Concentrate not only on the words being spoken but also understanding their feelings and point of view.

5. Use simple, straight forward language. Deliver your words clearly. Make one point at a time. Make sure that your message is brief and to the point.

6. Maintain face to face contact while talking and speaking.

7. Have positive body language. If you cross your arms, it shows that you are less interested in the conversation.

8. Be brief and specific. If you provide a huge chunk of information in one stretch it may be hard to follow.

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