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4 Common New Year’s Resolutions Adults Understand

by Ashley Williams

“New Year, New Me!”  Yes, we have all said it once we became adults.  We have conquered the competitive flag football games for Thanksgiving with family, survived the hustle and bustle of Christmas, and now, we are at New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  The presents have been opened (and some have been refunded), the Thanksgiving leftovers are forever gone until next year so now, we have some “grown up” resolutions to make for the year.  You are probably tired of the same hairstyle or you are tired of the same friends. You may be tired of having turkey every year for Thanksgiving and you vow to make a resolution to have ham instead. (I don’t know...just a thought.)  But whatever you want to improve, you write it on your resolution chart and begin a new year with high hopes and inspirations.  

As an adult, we deal with adult problems.  Obviously. Bills, jobs, moving, weight loss, paying taxes, taking care of the kids, finding affordable healthcare, global warming, a tear in the stockings, itchy scalp, OH MY GOODNESS! But these 5 New Year Resolutions will bring it closer to home for the simple ones like us.  We don’t ask for too much, right?

1. Losing Extra Pounds

Okay, I am obviously studying nutrition in college and I have a weight loss blog as well. (; check it out when you can.) I may talk about weight loss in just about every blog that I create but I know that I am not the only adult to want to lose those extra pounds.  These pounds seem to creep on us every year and we tend to take a stand every year on January 1st to eat better and become active. If serious health problems are present, losing those pounds are super important as well.  Those dusty gym membership cards are dusted off from our wallets or purses. The gym shoes haven’t been worn much but now it is the time to shine! For better appearance and better health, January 1st becomes the day we actually break a sweat.  The new start may be intimidating and scary, but the reward is greater than the fear.

2. Eliminate Unwanted Debt

Student loans seems to be the expensive epidemic sweeping this country.  Not only do we deal with student loans, we deal with the credit card debt, car loan debt, or any specialized debt on the credit report.  It is a new year so it is time to pay off the annoying debt that is keeping us from prospering financially. And stop the bill collectors from stalking our phone line.  As adults in this country, you either need debt to get debt or you cannot get out of debt because of too much debt. Did that make sense? On January 1st, we open the Excel spreadsheet and we write down all the debt we need to pay off.  With high hopes and avoiding the fast food drive-thru to save money to pay off those meddling student loans, we gear up for a year of getting through this debt crisis.

3. Learn a New Hobby

Coming home from work, warming up leftovers, and watching hours of Netflix is complacent and boring, especially when you have so many hobbies out there to learn.  While losing weight and paying off debt, learning a new hobby will surely make the new year exciting and eventful. There are many hobbies to learn such as:










These hobbies have been proven to improve brain functions and of course, proven to give you more to do for the new year except binge watch Grey’s Anatomy.

4. Organizing the Closet/Attic/Basement

Cleaning out those pesky temporary storage places needs its own blog within itself. A year worth of clothes that cannot be worn anymore, the photography equipment that collected dust, magazines, golf clubs, many collections of Pokémon cards, baby clothes, etc are just piling up and being organized is definitely a resolution that has to be taken seriously. 

Especially if you’re going to pile it up again with junk.

As adults, having a successful life starts with our relatable resolutions that we plan to do every year. Doing the list, making vision boards, and drinking loads of champagne on New Year’s Eve is fun.  Actually doing these relatable resolutions is the tricky part.

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