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3 Things You Need To Do Before You Lose Weight

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

By Ashley Williams

Call it an epidemic. Call it an entry on your “bucket list.” Call it a lifestyle change. Whatever you want to call it, people amongst you are losing weight. Whether it is ten pounds or over one-hundred pounds, losing weight is at the top of the list of priorities. Looking good and having great health is a dream come true for so many. To achieve the “fairy-tale” weight or “dream come true” body, people are willing to go through great lengths. (Sad, but true.) Common sense tells us that anything that is rushed will slip through your fingers just as fast as you received it. Nonetheless, this knowledge pertains to weight loss. Steady weight loss is definitely the way to go but being patient is not easy! But it can be done. One day at a time. You do not want to injure yourself or cause any harm to your organs.

For those on the weight loss train, welcome and hop aboard! Before you run yourself to death on the treadmill, there are 3 things you need to do before you lose weight.

1. Have a Plan. So, before you go pay for an expensive trainer and buy broccoli by the gallon, write out a detailed plan for your weight loss journey. Having a plan for losing weight will help you to be prepared and to still think reasonable. To start off, think about your resources and make a plan. For example, if there are no gyms in your area, research home workouts you can do at home in your living room. If you are on a tight budget with your finances, research affordable food items and write down a meal plan for each week. When you have a plan, you are able to execute your goals much better.

2. Talk To Your Doctor. The thought of going to see a doctor may scare some people (such as myself) because they are afraid of the unspoken results of tests or a negative report from the doctor. Seeing a doctor is kind of scary, but you want to be able to know what is going on with your body, especially if you are about to lose weight. The doctor can be able to suggest weight loss programs that are safe for you to follow. The doctor can also give you helpful tips on how you can lose weight effectively and safely. There may be foods that you are unable to eat or exercises you are unable to complete, so consult with your doctor first.

3. Find Your Purpose For Losing Weight. Losing weight for your sister’s wedding or trying to fit into a bikini in the next three months can possibly be a good reason to lose weight, but let’s get real. After you stuff yourself in your bikini or dance the night away at your sister’s wedding, will you still be committed to your weight loss journey? Find your purpose for losing weight so that the action can be more valuable and have more meaning. Lose weight for your kids so that you can run around the yard with them. You want more energy throughout the day? Make it your purpose to eat healthy and exercise every day to keep the energy you desire. Do you want to invest in yourself more? Make your “weight loss” a lifestyle. Your purpose should definitely mean much more than an overnight body.

Having the desire to lose weight is such a great investment for your health, but this greatness should not be rushed or misplanned. Plan out your goals and research what you plan to do, consult with your doctor or physician to make sure you are taking the correct steps for healthy weight loss, and make sure you are losing weight for the right reasons. Keep in mind to stay positive and have fun while you better your life.

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