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3 Things I'm Learning About Myself on my Weight Loss Journey

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

By Ashley Williams

I am defining a new Ashley in this weight loss journey and I have been shocked since January! I am not the person I used to be because I am becoming a woman with more character. Losing weight has allowed me to become more honest with myself and transparent about my flaws. It is almost like a new awakening when I learn things about me. Finally, I am taking time out to complete this goal that I have been ignoring for five years. I just didn't know I would learn these monumental things about myself so far.

1. My Relationship with Food Was Horrible

Since I was an emotional eater, I gained many pounds from eating when I was sad, angry, depressed, anxious, etc. I would mostly pick junk foods and eat the whole bag, whole carton, whole row, or whatever junk food was in a certain container. Once I would indulge, I would go to the mirror and call myself fat or just feel guilty. And then once I felt guilty, I would indulge in more junk food and repeat the cycle over and over. Just imagine going through this cycle every day or every other day for more than three years.

When I started my weight loss journey and blog in January, my emotional eating pattern was something I had to realize and face. I had to dig deep inside my emotions to find out why I practiced such a toxic behavior. Once I realized this, I worked on my peace and my happiness. I am still working on this with the help of God and my family. But I did overcome some battles with myself that I failed to do years ago. Thank God for weight loss journeys.

2. Exercising is my Strong Suit

I have been active and hyper pretty much all my life. I did not play sports but I always liked to dance, run, box, jump name it. I had great metabolism because of my hyperness, too. Once my metabolism started to slow down and my depression kicked in, I basically said forget it. In 2018, I started to work out with my husband and his gym partners. By lifting weights and doing spin class, I actually enjoyed sweating and the adrenaline I received from moving around. Even when my husband was at work, I would still take advantage of spin classes and strength training. Speed up to 2019, I love the adrenaline of working out and being active. Even though I am out of shape, I still enjoy building my stamina and endurance.

My favorite workouts that I love to do is definitely strength training, tabata style cardio, and jogging. You know what? I actually love them all! I love to show my toughness and tomboyish side when working out. I just wish I would have done this before my weight got out of hand. LOL!

3. I'm very impatient with results.

I am so used to doing quick fixes and getting big results in two or three days. And then I gain it all back again. I hate the feeling of doing so good for a week and not seeing big results like I want to. This pattern of impatience with weight loss is the reason why I am still stuck in the 220s and not in the 190s like I want to be. Learning to be patient with losing weight is the number one thing nutritionists and other experts tell you to be. You are having to wait on your body to respond to the changes and the body can be pretty stubborn. Although I have not succeeded with being patient with my weight loss, I have learned through trial and error on what needs to be done.

I find it so funny that in order to have patience, you have to be patient to gather patience. (I hate patience.)

As time goes on, I will learn more and more things about myself through weight loss. Hopefully in another year I can be smaller and I can tell you more things I have learned about myself. In the meantime, follow my journey and we can learn together!

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