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15 Side hustles thriving in COVID

by Milkscope

Want to have multiple streams of incoming and don't know where to start during the pandemic? Here's a list of 15 side hustles doing very well during Covid :)

1.Online Dating Coach

Did you know that there's been an 18.4% increase in online dating this year, with people moving online to find love during lockdown. Have some expertise? This could be the gig for you!

2. Tutoring

Classes are still in session (virtually of course) and there are many students who still need extra help with their classes and standardized test prep. If you are academically inclined, this could be for you!

3. Teaching English online

There are several companies looking for English speakers to teach people the language. If that sounds interesting to you, this could be a great fit.

4. Blogging or vlogging

People now spend over 16 hours online, a 4 hour increase from before the pandemic. That means they are looking for online content to entertain them. Have interesting content to share? Get in on this hustle!

5. Graphic Design

With companies having no choice but to move most of their operations online, they are focusing on their digital aesthetic. If you've got an eye (and skills) for design, hop on this wave!

6. Virtual Assistant

Assistants are still in high demand, and now you be one virtually. What's not to love?

7. Creating products to sell

Retail is thriving, with more people looking online for some retail therapy. If you create art, candles, clothing, you should consider selling it!

8. Rent out your high-end equipment

Have cameras, a meat processor, a monitor you barely use? Try renting it out for some money.

9. Self publish E-books

Have stories, poetry or knowledge to share? Why not write an ebook and sell it!

10. Walk some dogs or pet sit

Dog walkers can make 6 figure salaries depending on the city! If you love animals, this could be for you.

11. Be a Handyman

Good with your hands? You can get paid to assemble furniture, hang paintings, and fix broken items.

12. Freelance writer

Online media still need articles. If you have a way with words, try hiring yourself out.

13. Rent Your Storage

If you have some extra space, some people may be looking to rent it for storage! Let your space make money for you.

14. Get Paid to Shop

Some people are trying to avoid shopping during the pandemic. If youre not too concerned make some money picking up groceries.

15. Deliver food

Door Dash, Uber Eats and Postmates are all looking for people to deliver food. Want to make some extra cash, this could be for you!


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