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10 Ways to Spend NYE Alone

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

by Candace Boahene, Editor In Chief

This year, New Year’s Eve celebrations look vastly different than ever before. Globally, we’re in the midst of a pandemic and Covid-19 cases keep spiking up. We can’t risk ringing in the new year together nor celebrating outdoors as we used to in the past. Although social gatherings and public outings are restricted due to the CDC’s regulations, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate NYE on our own. The grim reality of our loved ones, friends, and colleagues being absent from our NYE festivities should not put a damper on our plans. In fact, let’s arise and celebrate NYE alone. Even if your loved ones and friends are far away, don’t fret and be futile, take this time to toast the New Year independently with confidence.

Here are 10 ways to Spend NYE Alone:

1. Attend Church Virtually

2020 presented an ongoing series of traumatic events that hit too close to home, to say the least. As we continue to heal from the year, we are thankful to God for guiding us through the end of 2020, despite the storms. The best way to recharge your spiritual batteries and faith is by attending church virtually. Soar into the new year with praise dances, singing worship songs, prayer declarations, and thanksgiving. Tune in to Elevation Church's Praise Party at 10 PM EST headed by Pastor Steven Furtick or my personal recommendation: Kingdom Full Tabernacle International Ministries 2021 Crossover Service at 6 PM EST headed by Apostle Dominic Osei and Prophetess Lesley Osei.

2. Watch the 2021 Ball Drop Virtually

Is it possible to continue our universal tradition of dropping the ball on NYE with the absence of many New Yorkers and tourists gathering in Times Square? The answer is YES. Toast yourself to the new year by watching the ball drop virtually. Tune in at 8 PM EST on ABC to watch the ball drop LIVE on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2021. Jennifer Lopez is the evening’s headliner for the event. Megan Thee Stallion, Miley Cyrus, Machine Gun Kelly, Cyndi Lauper are also scheduled to perform. For the west coast audience, Ciara will host and perform for the New Year’s Eve celebration in LA.

3. Order Take out or Cook your favorite dish

Thou shall throw down in the kitchen! Make your favorite dish if you love to cook while you’re home alone. Allow your inner chef to aid you in whipping up your dish, that hands down only you can cook better than anyone. If you’re not in the mood or prefer the sedentary lifestyle, simply order take out from your local restaurant, Grubhub, UberEats, Seamless, etc. There are always options to dine alone at your lovely abode.

4. Attend our 2021 Virtual Vision Board Party

We all can unanimously stand in agreement that 2020 definitely wasn’t the year we envisioned it would be. We couldn’t travel to our dream destinations, attend plays and events, and the list goes on. Certainly, we can change the narrative by not losing hope nor relinquishing our dreams. Visualize your best life in 2021 with us, by attending our FREE virtual party of the year: Milkscope 2021 Virtual Vision Board Party. Manifest your visions into reality with our Vision Strategist Brenda Thomas. RSVP before January 3rd, 2021. For more information, visit our website:

5. Make a list of your 2021 Goals

Let’s say 2020 heightened our 20/20 vision in an uncomfortable way. However, we hope for new beginnings and a prosperous year upon the arrival of 2021. Why not take this time for self-reflection and make a list of your 2021 goals. 2021 is still in the running of being your best year yet. For instance, jot down your spiritual, personal, financial, business, travel, career, employment, and romance goals to kickstart your 2021 in high gear. Don’t forget to add a timeline on how you intend to tackle each goal and you can praise those wins when the time comes.

6. LiveStream Virtual Musical Concerts & NYE Performances

Since we are homebound, who says you can’t dance the night away in a pandemic. Literally, get the party started indoors of course, by purchasing tickets to streaming virtual musical concerts from Justin Bieber, Saweetie, Post Malone, etc. Hopefully, your neighbors wouldn’t mind the noise, after all, it is New Year’s Eve. Check out The New York Times Full Guide to streaming NYE performances.

7. Netflix and Chill: Solo Style

You are all by yourself on NYE yet that doesn’t mean you can’t be your own date. Enjoy your own company and stay indoors to Netflix and Chill solo style by watching your favorite NYE movies or watching classic NYE movies like Waiting to Exhale, When Harry Met Sally, New Year’s Eve, and so on.

8. Set the Mood with a Candlelit Bubble Bath

Take self-care to another level by pampering yourself this NYE with a bubble bath, light your candles, and soak all your fears away. Set an intention to cleanse your mind, body, and soul to embrace the new year. Set your music playlist nearby to drift into your happy place. You deserve it! :)

9. Read a Book

It’s time to pick up that book you didn’t get the chance to read or kept postponing with all the distractions of 2020. Perhaps, if there’s a book you're desperately eager to read, now is the opportune time to read it. While you’re at it, make some hot cocoa to seal the deal with your independent reading time. Don’t forget to add marshmallows to your hot cocoa and sip while slipping into your reading paradise.

10. Start a Decluttering Project or Redecorate your room

What better way to welcome the new year alone than treating yourself to your personal cleaning project? As the old adage goes “out with the old and in with the new”, take heed by reorganizing your room and living space for new energy to flow throughout your home. Make DIY fun with redecorating your home and decluttering your space to reflect the new you for 2021. Additionally, partake in the art of feng shui by moving your furniture around and realigning new energy into your living space.

Now go off and celebrate NYE independently with jubilance and style! As always, be safe, wear your masks, and social distance if you decide to be outdoors for a while.

Have a Joyous and Healthy New Year, Milkmates!

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