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10 Stylish Ways To Decorate Your Work Space

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

By Nkem Okorie

Did you know that your work environment can play a huge role in your productivity and overall mood? An office setting that is full of color and inspiration can lead to a happy work life versus an office setting that is empty and bland. Your office should embody who you are as well as your company’s values. Whether you work from home or in an office cubicle, here are 10 stylish ways to decorate your workspace into your home away from home.

1. Add Some Color: Why not surround yourself with beautiful colors that you like! Choose a color theme that you want for your office and get supplies that match within that color.

2. Plants: You can’t go wrong with flowers or a succulent plant. Studies have proven that indoor plants improve concentration and reduce stress levels. Looking at them can also help you feel more relaxed and boost your energy.

3. Inspirational Quotes: Surrounding yourself with motivational and inspirational quotes can help you stay focus on your goals and help you gain confidence.

4. Pillow: Make yourself at home by placing a pillow on your chair. By placing a pillow on the back of your chair, you can improve your posture while working and be more comfortable.

5. Tray / Bottle Organizer: It’s always nice to know where the paper clips and all your other office supplies are. Make your office space fashionably organized and uncluttered by using small mason jars or an organizer tray.

6. Candles: One of the best benefits of candles in the workspace is that it helps center the mind. When you're surrounded by long work hours and deadlines, something as small as breathing in a scented candle can make your day


7. Bookshelf or Bookends: Organize your favorite books, journals or documents by using a bookshelf or a bookend to keep the books from falling over.

8. Photo Wall: Add a little personality by creating a photo wall that represents who you are and the people who are in your life.

9. Rug: A rug will stand out in your office and make it pop! It’s also a lot softer than hardwood or tile floor and can provide warmth within the room.

10. Wall Lights: Add some brightness to your office space by hanging lights on the wall to make the room cozy and elegant.

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